5 Year Fabric and Leather TEMA'surance Plan
TEMA'surance is serviced by TEMA Inc only and is not given to a third party.
Manufacturers offer a 1-year warranty on manufacturing defects only.
TEMA'surance covers life’s accidents.

5 Year TEMA'surance Limitations
Customers failing to care for item(s) according to manufacturer and/or TEMA guidelines for leather or fabric upholstery will void this assurance policy.
You are responsible for regular maintenance and upkeep.
Items priced with a .77, or .86, or .99 ending, and commercial use items will not be included in the policy.



Stains caused by food or beverage spills must first be blotted immediately with a dry, soft absorbent cloth. In the event the stain becomes permanent, and the special cleaner provided does not remove the stain or in event of an accidental tear, burn, or puncture, under the terms and conditions of this limited warranty, TEMA, reserves the right to service the affected piece in the home or pick it up for shop repair or ask the item to be brought to TEMA by the customer. Customers outside our regular delivery zone or for items picked up from TEMA rather than delivered, a fee will be assessed. If the item was delivered by TEMA delivery in the regular delivery zones of Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Santa Fe & Los Alamos we will pick up and redeliver at no charge. We will provide the following services:

1. In the case of a stain that cannot be removed by TEMA’s technician, we will re-upholster the stained area to the fullest possible degree.

2. Have the torn, burned, or punctured area serviced by an authorized TEMA technician to the fullest possible degree at no cost to the customer.

3. If the torn, burned, or punctured area cannot be repaired by TEMA’s technician, we will re-upholster the area to the fullest possible degree.

4. If steps 1 through 3 cannot be accomplished, at TEMA’s discretion, the affected item can be returned to the store and a replacement for the affected item only can be issued. The purchaser may reselect a new piece of furniture of equal value or pay the difference of a higher priced item.

5. Once the warrantied item has been replaced, the warranty has been fulfilled. A new TEMA'surance plan is not available on the replacement piece.

1. Normal everyday soiling such as soiled armrests or headrests. Any staining, tear, burn, or puncture caused by an act of abuse, neglect, vandalism, acts of which would cause abnormal discoloration or deterioration of leather, animal teeth and nails, any Acts of God including and not limited to fire, flood, wind, lighting, hail, snow, rain, sun, stone, sand, dirt, harsh or corrosive chemicals.

2. Accumulated multiple stains.

3. Human or animal blood and bodily fluids.

4. Damage caused by improper cleaning methods or improper cleaning materials used or products not sold at TEMA.

5. Furniture located at a business, commercial building, school, dorm, rental property, or recreational vehicle.

6. Damage caused by moving or storing furniture.

7. Dye transfer (as seen from heavily dyed clothing onto furniture)

8. Other parts on the piece of furniture that is not part of the fabric and/or leather cover.


If at the end of the TEMA'surance period you have not filed any claims against your TEMA'surance Plan you have 1 year to redeem 100% of the original price, of the TEMA'surance Plan, which will be applied to a TEMA gift card and can be used towards any purchase with TEMA Furniture.



This Warranty is limited to the above-mentioned Terms and Conditions and Limitations and specifically does not cover loss of use of the covered product or consequential or incidental loss of any nature, damage caused by fraud, intentional acts, war or hostilities if arising from illegal activity, scorching and damage from heat sources, discoloration and blemishes inherent to a given Leather or created during the manufacturing process. This Warranty is not renewable or transferable. The owner shall reasonably co-operate with TEMA in its efforts to fulfill its obligation under this Warranty. Any disputes shall be settled in the jurisdiction of the County of Bernalillo, New Mexico, by Binding Mandatory Arbitration.