5 Year Comprehensive TEMA’surance Plan: Terms and Conditions

All claims must be reported to TEMA by the original purchaser within five (5) days of an incident. Please call TEMA customer service at (505) 275-2121. TEMA’surance is not renewable and non-transferable.
What is Covered
List of Temasurance coverages
  • Damage or stain caused by
    • Food or beverages
    • Ballpoint ink
    • Nail polish remover
  • Puncture, Cut, Tear, or Rip (Only on leather or fabric)
  • Burn
  • Heat mark (Only on wood)
  • Damage to Springs, Frames, Mechanisms, Motors, Levers, Power, and Cords
  • Cracking, bubbling and peeling of finish (Only leather and wood. Vinyl is not covered)
  • Gouge and Chip (Only on Wood)
  • Joint Breakage (Only on Wood)
  • Liquid ring or mark (Only on Wood)
TEMA’surance Limitations

Customers failing to care for item(s) according to manufacturer and/or Tema guidelines will void this assurance policy. You, as the customer are responsible for regular maintenance and upkeep. Items priced with a .77, or .86, or .99 ending, and commercial use items will not be covered.

TEMA’surance does not apply to:
  • Normal everyday soiling such as soiled armrests or headrests. Any staining, tear, burn, or puncture caused by an act of abuse, neglect, vandalism, acts of which would cause abnormal discoloration or deterioration of leather, animal teeth and nails, stone, sand, dirt, harsh/corrosive chemicals, any Acts of God including and not limited to fire, flood, wind, lighting, hail, snow, rain, sun.
  • Accumulated multiple stains.
  • Human or animal blood and bodily fluids.
  • Damage caused by improper cleaning methods or improper cleaning materials used or products not sold at TEMA.
  • Furniture located at a business, commercial building, school, dorm, rental property, or recreational vehicle.
  • Damage caused by moving or storing furniture.
  • Dye transfer (as seen from heavily dyed clothing onto furniture)
  • Rugs
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Fading or color change on wood furniture.
  • Glass
  • Art/Accessories/Lighting
  • Mattresses/ Adjustable bases
  • Items priced with a .77, or .86, or .99 ending
  • Commercial use items
  • Replacements
  • Battery Packs
  • Comfort
  • Vendors excluded: Metall
The Fine Print

TEMA'surance will provide coverage for damages solely attributable to a single incident that occurs within five years following the item's delivery date. The term "single incident" is a specific, isolated event that results in damage to the covered item. Damages arising from multiple, distinct events or from ongoing issues will not fall under the purview of this coverage. Should the covered item be repaired by TEMA, it will remain eligible for future claims under TEMA’surance. However, items that are replaced are excluded from further coverage, with the replaced item becoming the property of TEMA Furniture. Replacement pieces are not eligible for a new TEMA’surance plan. TEMA reserves the right to service the affected piece in the home, or in our shop. For customers outside our regular delivery zone (Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Santa Fe & Los Alamos), a fee will be assessed, or the customer will be asked for the affected item to be brought to TEMA.  All parts and labor needed to complete the repair are included in the TEMA'surance coverage. TEMA'surance coverage is limited to the above-mentioned Terms and Conditions and Limitations outlined previously. It excludes coverage for loss of functionality of the covered product, as well as damages resulting from fraud, intentional acts, war, hostile activities, or unlawful acts. Additionally, coverage does not extend to discoloration or imperfections that are intrinsic to specific leathers/woods or that arise during the manufacturing process. This Assurance is not renewable or transferable. The owner shall reasonably cooperate with TEMA in its efforts to fulfill its obligation under this Assurance. TEMA reserves the sole discretion to determine if a repair or replacement is necessary. TEMA reserves the sole discretion to deny claims that are found to be fraudulent, misrepresented, or outside the scope of the coverage as outlined. All decisions made by TEMA regarding the coverage and claims under this Assurance shall be final. Any disputes shall be settled in the jurisdiction of the County of Bernalillo, New Mexico, by Binding Mandatory Arbitration. This contract is NOT a maintenance or cleaning contract. TEMA Inc. Reserves All Rights.


If you have not filed any claims against your TEMA’surance plan you can get a gift card for 50% of the value of the plan.

At the end of the plan if no claims have been filed you are entitled to 50% of the value of the TEMA’surance plan to be issued as a store gift card. Offer available 1 year after the end of the plan. Customer must contact store to receive gift card.

TEMA Inc. Reserves All Rights.